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Lakers v. Hornets

So far in this 2010 NBA season, there are three undefeated teams. The Lakers, Hornets, and the Hawks. Kobe is playing in midseason form, and his age, nevertheless his knee problems, would never be apparent to someone watching. On the flipside, there are the Hornets. Led by Chris Paul and a slew of new players, they have looked pretty good so far in this young season. But if you watch the Hornets, one thing will stand out to you. Chemistry. The way the Hornets have played together so far this season would have you thinking these guys have been playing with each other forever. When Chris Paul drives, he knows where to go with the ball, and his teammates know where he wants to go with the ball. This understanding has really helped the Hornets get off to a quick start.

With the Lakers, their offense has looked the best it has in a while, and with Kobe playing up to his MVP potential (and he insists that he’s not fully healty yet), the Lakers look to build on what they have going, and attempt a 3-peat, which would put that group of players up with some pretty impressive company (The Bulls twice in the 80s, and the Celtics 8-Peat in the 60s, which probably will never be touched. Also, the Lakers have done it before, although it was when the Lakers were in Minneapolis, back in 1952-54). So with so many positives on their side, are the Hornets even worthy to be in this discussion?

Honestly, the answer is yes, which may surprise a lot of people. The way the Hornets are built, they can be a streaky team, which can cause problems if they reach the postseason, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t. With players like Chris Paul: a proven all-star, Trevor Ariza: a key players in the Lakers championship run 2 years ago, David West: Proved how valuable he is after Paul went down with an injury last year, and Peja Stojakavic: a sharpshooter and when he gets hot, his team gets hot.

Do both of these teams really belong in NBA Title talk? Sure they do. Although I think that the Hornets will go in as more of a dark horse, but a contender nevertheless.

Written by: Jackson Fust


NBA Fantasy Sleepers

As the NBA season approaches, so does fantasy season for many. Here are some good picks that are sure to help your roster.

Guard: John Wall.

Now I know this isn’t the biggest sleeper, considering how hyped this guy is coming out of college, but not many people would expect him to put up numbers that rival superstars. Look for him to put up some big points.

Guard: Monta Ellis

This is a guy on a Warriors team that is so close to being up there with the bigger name teams. He is one of the best players you’ve never heard of, although it is likely that you have at some point. He scores a lot of points for the Warriors, and is a large benefactor from the precision passing of Stephen Curry.

Forward: Zach Randolph

Playing for the Grizzlies, he’s not going to get all of the press that other guys like Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol would get being on the Magic and Lakers respectively. At the end of last year, he began to get hot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued this streak into this season. If you’re looking for a low-profile big man to fill in a utility spot, or even start at forward, he can be a late round steal.

Forward: Lamar Odom

Last year, he agreed to come off the bench for the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers squad, and he put up double doubles in limited action. Now that Bynum continues to struggle with injuries, Odom is getting a lot more time on the floor. Add his perimeter shooting, long arms, and freakish athletic ability for a player his size, and you have a really good fantasy option.

So look for these players and others to shine in the spotlight as they attempt to emerge out of the shadows to become some of the NBA’s elite, and in the process, score you some fantasy points.


Written By: Jackson Fust