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Fantasy Football Second Half Sleeper

With eight weeks of football in the books we have reached the mid-season. Time for you to stop telling yourself that Shonn Greene just needs to get in mid-season form. It’s time for this years Second Half Sleepers.

The first half this year has been filled with great fantasy pickups like Brandon Lloyd, Peyton Hillis, Darren McFadden and Harvard graduate Ryan Fitzpatrick. Those guys have already been picked up and your chances has come and gone. So now it’s time to prepare you for the rest of the season and who to help you with the end of season playoff push.

LeGarrett Blount(RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers): Overnight sensation LeGarrett Blount is making a name for himself in the Buc’s backfield. Stepping up last week as the only healthy running back that the Bucs have, Blount has gotten double digit carries the last two games getting over 70 yards on the ground each time. Averaging six yards a carry Blount is now Tampa’s go to guy in the backfield practically stealing the job from washed up Cadillac Williams. Even more, the Bucs are actually one of the best times in the NFC right now. No Joke. With a starting job and one of the easiest second half schedules, Blount is a guy to look out for.

Danny Woodhead(WR/RB New England Patriots): Coming in with a record height of 5 foot 9 inches Woodhead is not to be taken lightly. Since being scooped up by the Patriots in week three Woodhead has averaged nine points a game. The patriots use him like they have used veteran Kevin Faulk in the past, mainly coming in for 3rd downs and passing plays. Woodhead’s new role with the Patriots makes him somebody to watch out for the rest of the season. An all star Quarterback throwing to him doesn’t hurt either.

Steve Johnson(WR Buffalo Bills): With the emergence of Ryan “Look at my Harvard degree” Fitzpatrick, Steve Johnson has exploded into fantasy relevance the last couple of weeks. Snatching six touchdowns from the last five games, Johnson has emerged as a giant part of the Bills passing game.¬† Averaging over ten points a game and owned in less than half of ESPNs standard leagues Steve Johnson is fantasy sleeper ready to be a stud.

Jacob Tamme(TE Indianapolis Colts): This year has been full of tight end injuries. Jermichael Finley in week four, Dallas Clark in week six and even Antonio Gates toe injury that has been nagging him for the past couple of weeks. With some stud tight ends out owners are looking for replacements and new fill in for Dallas Clark, Jacob Tamme, is a the perfect guy. In his first game of the season Tamme caught the eyes of Peyton Manning more than a few times on the Monday Night Football match up last week. Tamme racked up 64 yards and scored looking like the immediate Dallas Clark fill in. For people out there hurting at tight end Tamme is good guy to pick up and like I said before it doesn’t hurt when an all star Quarterback is throwing him the ball.

Written by Griffin Morrow


NBA Fantasy Sleepers

As the NBA season approaches, so does fantasy season for many. Here are some good picks that are sure to help your roster.

Guard: John Wall.

Now I know this isn’t the biggest sleeper, considering how hyped this guy is coming out of college, but not many people would expect him to put up numbers that rival superstars. Look for him to put up some big points.

Guard: Monta Ellis

This is a guy on a Warriors team that is so close to being up there with the bigger name teams. He is one of the best players you’ve never heard of, although it is likely that you have at some point. He scores a lot of points for the Warriors, and is a large benefactor from the precision passing of Stephen Curry.

Forward: Zach Randolph

Playing for the Grizzlies, he’s not going to get all of the press that other guys like Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol would get being on the Magic and Lakers respectively. At the end of last year, he began to get hot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued this streak into this season. If you’re looking for a low-profile big man to fill in a utility spot, or even start at forward, he can be a late round steal.

Forward: Lamar Odom

Last year, he agreed to come off the bench for the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers squad, and he put up double doubles in limited action. Now that Bynum continues to struggle with injuries, Odom is getting a lot more time on the floor. Add his perimeter shooting, long arms, and freakish athletic ability for a player his size, and you have a really good fantasy option.

So look for these players and others to shine in the spotlight as they attempt to emerge out of the shadows to become some of the NBA’s elite, and in the process, score you some fantasy points.


Written By: Jackson Fust