JGSN Analysis: 4th Quarter

Auburn’s 3rd drive (continued): Auburn gets a 3rd down conversion with a hurry up and then with Dyer right up the middle. Auburn should consider doing that again because it really threw off the Oregon defense. Newton threw the ball away, and then was forced to call a timeout due to a low play clock. Next play Newton scrambles for 6 to bring up 3rd and 4. The pass is dropped on 3rd down and a punt is upcoming for the Tigers.

Oregon’s 3rd Drive: A deep pass to the tight end was the main event in this drive, but a couple of screen passes and a miscommunication between quarterback and receiver led to a punt around midfield. Auburn ball at the 22 yard line.

Auburn’s 4th drive: They tried the sweep to McCalebb that worked so well on their first play of the game but it was stuffed. On the next play, the Ducks did a stellar job in coverage batting the pass down, bringing up 3rd and 12. On the 3rd down, Newton steps up in the pocket and scrambles for the first. Newton somewhat slow to get up. Two more running plays, one by Newton, one by Dyer, result in 3rd and 5. On this pivotal play, Newton finds Fannin wide open in the middle of the field for the 1st down, and into Oregon territory. Oregon stuffs the following run and an incomplete pass brings up 3rd and 12. Newton goes deep, but it is caught out of bounds by Zachery. This will bring up a punt for Auburn. Oregon ball at the 13.

Oregon’s 4th drive: Two plays for no yards bring up a 3rd down, and Oregon comes up with another clutch first down. Their drive stalls as another read option is stuffed, which brings up a punt.

Auburn’s 5th Drive: Trying to burn down the clock with runs and short passes. Newton rolls to the right on a play and Casey Matthews comes up from behind and pops the ball out, recovered by Oregon.

Oregon’s 5th Drive: First play is a quick strick to Maehl for the first down, and after an incompletion and rollout by Thomas, it is 3rd and 5 for the ducks. On that 3rd down, Thomas misses a wide open receiver, but the Ducks will go for it. Auburn brought the blitz but Thomas quickly threw it to James who made a nice catch and ran it down to the 10. On a 2nd and 1 at the 2 yard line, James gets stuffed, but Oregon burns a timeout, leaving them with one. A shovel pass on 3rd down gets the job done as LaMichael James scores to put Oregon down by 2. Another beautifully executed over the body pass from one side of the field to the other by Thomas ties the game at 19.

OREGON- 19          AUBURN- 19

Auburn’s 6th Drive: Auburn starts it out with a screen to pick up about 15 yards and what appeared to be a 5 yard carry turned into about a 40 yard gain for Dyer, as it appeared he was down, but replay showed that he was not. It appeared that Auburn was going to run some clock for the FG attempt, but Dyer ripped off another big run for a TD, with :10 left. Afther further review however, the ball will be placed at the half yard line. Newton comes out and takes a knee, and Byrum nails the FG as time expires.


AUBURN- 22        OREGON- 19

Written by Jackson Fust


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