JGSN Analysis: 3rd Quarter

*Drives are done by half

Auburn’s 1st Drive: A couple short plays to start off brings up 3rd and short, and Newton is wincing when he comes up. Not a good sign for Aubrun. He doesn’t look too bad as he goes up the middle for the 1st down. The Tigers then begin to open up as Newton throws a beautiful pass to Phillip Lutzenkirchen. After that though it seems like something has gone through Oregon’s defense as they are swarming to the ball. 3rd and 5. An overthrow by Newton leads to a FG for the Tigers.

AUBURN- 19       OREGON- 11

Oregon’s 1st drive: Oregon learns from their KO reverse mistakes and fakes the reverse. On a James run up the middle, Fairley commits a personal foul, which has been an issue for him all year, and Oregon is now into Auburn territory. Fairley bounces back with a sack, and after a hold, the Ducks are at 3rd and 13, where they are stopped and forced to punt. Touchback

Auburn’s 2nd drive: They start it off by giving it to Dyer, then on the QB read, Newton makes the wrong read and loses about 4 yards. 3rd and 7. Newton misses a TD throw, which has to raise some concerns about his professional stock. Ball is punted out of bounds at the 27.

Oregon’s 2nd drive: LaMichael James makes a nice run to the outside, showing off some of his great speed, then the Ducks go right back to him on the next play. Later in the drive, Thomas goes deep for a completion down to the 5. They are stuffed from there however, and Auburn will get the ball at their own 1.

Auburn’s 3rd drive: To start off the drive, they are somewhat conservative, but Newton makes some plays and they get out to around the 30 yard line.


AUBURN- 19     OREGON- 11

Written by: Jackson Fust


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