JGSN Analysis: 2nd Quarter

Oregon’s 4th drive (continued): They begin inside the 5 yard line with a 3rd and 2, when Fairley busts through the line to nail Thomas. 4th and 8 Rob Beard makes the FG for Oregon.

OREGON -3       AUBURN -0

Auburn’s 4th drive: They start off with the run to Dyer, then they go to the pass for a first down. Looks like they are taking a page from Oregon’s playbook as they are beginning to use the quick pass, and it has worked as they push into Oregon territory. Newton takes a deep shot to the endzone and Cliff Harris, and it will be reviewed, personally, I think it appeared like an interception. If so, Newton needs to pick up his performance. Review complete, as he lost possession when he hit the ground. Auburn comes right back and Newton throws to a wide open Kodi Burns for the TD.


Oregon’s 5th Drive: On the KO ret, they attempted a reverse, and they were very lucky they didnt turn the ball over, as they are now inside their own 10. But on the 1st play it is obvious Thomas is past what he did earlier as he throws a beautiful ball to Jeff Maehl as Oregon is now on Auburn’s 11. And on last drive when Thomas was sacked on 3rd down where he missed a read to James, Thomas makes sure he makes the right read as they give to to James up the middle. After an incompletion, it is 3rd and 6. Oregon draws up a beautiful play where Thomas rolls right and throws a screen left to James. The two blockers picked up the two defenders. Beautiful play for the touchdown. Then Chip Kelly shows why he is the coach of the year as he throws a curveball running the option on the XP, with kicker Rob Beard receiving the pitch and scoring.

OREGON- 11       AUBURN-7

Auburn’s 5th drive: Two short plays result in 3rd and 3, but Newton shows why he won the Heisman as he delivers an accurate pass to Adams. Auburn is sticking to the short pass and run game and they are almost in the red zone. Newton with a nice hurdle on 3rd down. 3rd and 8 after a couple of unsuccessful runs, and Fannin drops a screen but a flag is down for offsides on Oregon. Those are the kind of plays that drive coaches crazy. The Tigers go to Newton up the middle and convert for 1st and goal. After a quick pass and a stuffed run, it is 3rd and goal on the 3 yard line for the Tigers. Newton gets stuffed, and Auburn is going for it. HUGE momentum swing as Newton throws incomplete into the endzone. Low throw, but the catch should have been made.

Oregon’s 6th drive: Although they have plenty of momentum, they will start this drive on their own 3, which wasn’t much of a problem last drive. 1st play is a shovel pass, but a flag is down for illegal motion on the offense, further backing up the Ducks. Auburn gets a huge push up front and gets a safety, and upon review, it is clearly a safety, big play for Auburn.

OREGON- 11      AUBURN- 9

Auburn’s 6th drive: Auburn is looking good with the quick passes and runs. The safety has really given them momentum. Those short passes and runs opened up holes deep as Newton delivers a pass to a wide open Blake for the TD.

AUBURN- 16      OREGON- 11

Oregon’s 7th Drive: Under 2 minutes left to start this drive, but with the pace that Oregon has moved with so far, it doesn’t seem like the clock will be an issue. Two quick screens put Oregon into Auburn territory with 1:26 left. Auburn really steps up defensively and it is now 4th and 10 for Oregon. Oregon is going for it, but Auburn calls TO, and Oregon does the smart move to punt, as the ball is downed at the 2 yard line. Auburn with no timeouts and Oregon with 3. I am somewhat surprised to see Auburn in the shotgun, but it is less surprising to see a run. Oregon calls a TO, which shows that they are going to be aggressive. An offsides ruins Oregon’s chances of getting the ball back, which has to frustrate Kelly. Auburn seems motivated however, as they are quickly past midfield and spike the bakk with :11 on the clock. Auburn goes deep to end the half, but not a repeat of the SEC Championship.

AUBURN- 16      OREGON- 11


Written by: Jackson Fust


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