JGSN Analysis: 1st Quarter

Oregon’s 1st drive: They had something going, but Darron Thomas’s decision to pitch the ball on the second down really hurt them. They looked a little scared, as their playcalling was very conservative, which led to a punt.

Auburn’s 1st drive: Great looking first play by the speedy McCalebb, but from there, the drive stalled, as some of the plays looked slow to develop. Also Newton doesn’t look like he is used to having less than 5 seconds in the pocket.

Oregon’s 2nd drive: It looked like Auburn has adjusted to the option as it hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Oregon countered the defensive pressure with a slip screen to James, and when James gets in open space, he can make some things happen. It also looks like Darron Thomas is trying to do too much when he gets the ball. Next play he throws a high pass that gets intercepted by Auburn. Ducks are definitely going to need some adjustments.

Auburn’s 2nd drive: Relatively short drive, as Newton makes a terrible throw for an INT. No excuses in a game like this. Big momentum swing.

Oregon’s 3rd Drive: Some more conservative playcalling, but LaMichael James looks good, especially on his run to convert on 3rd and 5 when it looked like nothing was there. Beginning to use some shorter throws, and it has worked as they have pushed into the redzone. Looks like Auburn is having trouble keeping up with the speed of Oregon. However, Auburn puts great pressure on Thomas, as he throws the ball before Huff can turn around and catch it, which results in a red zone INT.

Auburn’s 3rd drive: Newton looked good on a rollout where he had plenty of time. But he is sacked for a second drive to force a punt. Needs to adjust to the amount of time that the Ducks are giving him in the pocket.

Oregon’s 4th Drive: Oregon is really working the hurry-up to quick passing game, and doing a great job of it as they have pushed into Auburn territory. It has worked perfectly to open up holes for the running game. Barner gets two good carries and the Ducks are in the red zone. You have to wonder how Auburn will hold up as it is still the 1st quarter and guys are running off the field gassed. First and 10 on the 11, and Auburn gets some good penetration and gets Barner on the end around for a loss of 4. Another quick pass to the flats gets Oregon inside the 5 as the 1st quarter ends.


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