2010 Bowl Season: Fiesta Bowl

As the bowl season approaches, be prepared to win your office pool, or just have successful picks in general. With each game, a confidence number is included, which shows how confident I am in my pick. It works like most pools do, with 35 being the game I am most confident in, and 1 being the game I am least confident in.


Oklahoma (11-2) over Connecticut (8-4)

Confidence: 33

The team that benefited from the Big 12 title game as discussed above was this Oklahoma Sooner team. They have put together a great season after the key departure of QB Sam Bradford, who has performed well in his first season of NFL action. After such a loss many felt that they would have a disappointing season, but QB Landry Jones has done a great job of filling in for Bradford, leading Oklahoma to having the 4th best passing attack in the country. On the flip side, Connecticut has had an eventful season as the race for the Big East title came right down to the last day and included a 3-way tie at the top. For the Huskies, the name of the game has been running. They have run over opponents, and that has been key in their 8 wins. Their passing game has been mediocre as they are 112th in passing offense, which is a polar opposite from Oklahoma. I think that Oklahoma will open up the field and Landry Jones will pick apart the Huskies secondary, and lead the Sooners to a win.


Written by: Jackson Fust

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