2010 Bowl Season: Alamo Bowl

As the bowl season approaches, be prepared to win your office pool, or just have successful picks in general. With each game, a confidence number is included, which shows how confident I am in my pick. It works like most pools do, with 35 being the game I am most confident in, and 1 being the game I am least confident in.


Oklahoma State (10-2) over Arizona (7-5)

Confidence: 32

After talking about Oklahoma, lets talk about their friends over in Stillwater, the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They come in as the obvious favorite as they have won 3 more games than the Arizona Wildcats. The key to this game will be which team can pass the ball more efficiently. I think that Oklahoma State has the advantage at quarterback with Brandon Weeden, who has thrown for 4000+ yards on the year and 32 TDs. But don’t be quick to overlook Nick Foles, QB for Arizona. He has posted a QB rating of around 145, and has been battling injuries all year. These weeks of rest should be good for Foles. Back to Weeden, two numbers stand out: 2 and 3. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are 2nd in the nation in passing offense, and 3rd in the nation in points scored. More often than not, the man under center is responsible for these numbers, good or bad, and in this case, it’s all good for Weeden. Another good match up in this game to look for is the matchup of the receivers. For Oklahoma State, they have Justin Blackmon, who has become a can’t miss NFL prospect who is high on the draft boards of many teams. For Arizona, Juron Criner has been huge in the passing game, and his presence alone helps the offense. In this game, I see Weeden and Blackmon each having big games, and I think that Foles will be a little rusty after dealing with what he has dealt with all year. Look for the Oklahoma State Cowboys to come out on top.


Written by: Jackson Fust

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