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College Football Playoff (click on picture for clearer image)

How it would look if JGSN was in charge

Here is how I think that it would look if the NCAA used a playoff system. Personally, I think that this is perfect, because many people feel that the issue with a playoff would be that sponsors are lost. In this system, the last 4 games could be the BCS games (Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta). However, I would probably rearrange the teams slightly so that the conferences that would normally play in those games would be in them. For example, have the Big 10 Champion rather than the Big 12 Champion down low so if they won they would potentially play the Pac-10 Champion, thus a Rose Bowl. Also in this format, Non-AQ schools would be a thing of the past as both WAC and MWC teams make it in. Also, stronger conferences such as the SEC would get two teams in, so there would be less issues there. Overall, I think that it would be a great way for College Football not only to get a fair champion, but as I was beginning to talk about above, also create new sponsorships, as a company could sponsor the semi-finals. Also, as for the old bowls, smaller games such as the Big 10 #2 against an At-Large could be a bowl that use to exist, such as the Chick-Fil-A bowl, or the Cotton Bowl, and would be played at the respective locations. If you think about it, College Football is the only sport that doesn’t use a playoff system. Open your eyes NCAA, the people don’t like the computers, and if there was ever a time to make a change, now would be it, with so much debate over schools such as Boise State and TCU.

Written by: Jackson Fust


College Football Week 13 Top 25 Predictions

Week 13 of the College Football season is the last for many NCAA teams, as they fight for bowl position, or position in their conference. Here are the predictions:

Thursday, November 25

8:00 PM

#17 Texas A&M @ Texas

This should be a good match up between these Big 12 opponents. Garrett Gilbert and Texas have had issues throughout the year, and have fallen well below expectations. On the other hands, Texas A&M has risen above expectations as they have had a great year in this 2010 season. They have earned their #17 ranking, and look for them to keep up what they have had going this year.

Texas A&M: 28 Texas: 17
Friday, November 26

2:30 PM

#2 Auburn @ #11 Alabama

The controversy surrounding Cam Newton has fizzled as of late, which is great, as the attention around Auburn moves to the game, which should be a good one. I think that overall Auburn is one player, and that is Cam Newton. As great as he is, he draws attention away from the fact that Auburn is lacking a defense. Alabama is a good team, but hasn’t put it together for a complete season. I think that Alabama will exploit the weak Auburn defense, and that the Crimson Tide will find a way to shut down Newton.


Alabama: 24 Auburn: 21


3:30 PM

Colorado @ #15 Nebraska

Nebraska has been streaky this year, and I was not very impressed with the way that they played against Texas A&M, possibly one of the more boring football games of all time as they lost 9-6 against the Aggies. Colorado has the potential for the upset, but I don’t see it happening.

Nebraska: 31 Colorado: 14

7:00 PM

#21 Arizona @ #1 Oregon

This should be a great game to watch in a battle of two of the better teams in the Pac-10. The way I see it, the Pac 10 is Oregon, then the other 9 teams… by a lot. Oregon’s offense is exciting to watch, as TV broadcasts have begun to put up clocks that time how quickly the Ducks get to the line. There are no breaks with the Ducks offense, and people like to see that.

Oregon: 42 Arizona: 24

10:15 PM

#4 Boise State @ #19 Nevada

This is another marquee Friday night match up between two ranked Non-AQ teams. Although many may not look at this game with Oregon and Auburn playing, it should still be a good one. Boise State QB Kellen Moore is one of the better passers in the game, and can make any throw that he needs to. Granted he has all day in the pocket, his arm is still impressive.

Boise State: 51 Nevada: 38

Saturday, November 27

12:00 PM

Michigan @ #8 Ohio State

The Ohio State president recently made news by calling out Boise State and TCU saying that they play against awful teams and don’t deserve a National Title shot. The response form TCU: “Pick a time and a place and we’ll play you”. I completely disagree with what the OSU prez said, and I think the Boise and TCU would beat OSU. In fact, I think that Denard Robinson can rebound from the performance he has had during the middle of the season after starting out red hot. But Michigan will be playing from behind, as they aren’t the best at starting out games.

Michigan: 28 Ohio State: 24

#10 Michigan State @ Penn State

Here’s another Big 10 match up that involves a top 25 team. Michigan State has been all over the place this year, but here they are in Week 13 at the number 10 spot. Spartan QB Kirk Cousins has recently eclipsed the 2500 yard mark on the year, coupling that with 18 TDs. The Spartans are also 10-1, and are primed to win the Big 10. In fact, Michigan State could be a National Championship contender if they didn’t fall to Iowa.

Michigan State: 31 Penn State: 14

Virginia @ #16 Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech has all the momentum someone could ask for as they are on a nine game winning streak. They could very well be undefeated if they held the giant lead they had against Boise State in the beginning of they year, and if they had beaten James Madison. Tyrod Taylor had quietly put together a 2000+ yards passing and a 500+ yards rushing season. They are also the only undefeated team in ACC play. Virginia has had an up and down season, as they upset #24 Miami at one point.

Virginia Tech: 24 Virginia: 6

12:30 PM

Kansas @ #14 Missouri

Mizzou was on a roll going into their 8th game on the year. From there, they lost 2 straight games, and haven’t looked like the same team since that. They have an outside shot at the Big 12 Championship, as they will have to win and Nebraska will have to lose. Aside from that, Kansas has had a subpar season, which began as they lost to a DII team to start the year.

Mizzou: 35 Kansas: 13

3:30 PM

#5 LSU @ #12 Arkansas

Les Miles and LSU are coming off of a thrilling win against Mississippi, although there have to be some concerns because it is Mississippi. Other than that though, they are 10-1 this year with their only loss to #2 Auburn. They have no shot at winning the SEC, so they will likely receive an at large bid to a BCS bowl, only if they beat this Arkansas team though. Led by Ryan Mallett, the Razorbacks are 9-2 on the year, and are 5th in the crowded SEC West. Mallett has looked good thus far, and has made some great throws when he has had the time. What interests me in this game is that these are two different styles of play, as Arkansas prefers to air it out, and LSU like to pound the ball, but are never afraid to throw in a trick play. This should be an exciting game.

LSU: 24 Arkansas: 21

Northwestern @ #7 Wisconsin

As of late for this Wisconsin team, running has been the name of the game as they have steamrolled opponents with their running game. John Clay has been as advertised this year, but James White has also stepped up this year as he is yards away from the 900-yard mark. Northwestern has been good this year, as Dan Persa has been great QB this year. Unfortunately for the Wildcats, Persa has gone down for the year with an injury, so look for Wisconsin to run over the Wildcats.

Wisconsin: 34 Northwestern: 14

BYU @ #20 Utah

In a number of weeks, Utah has gone from the top of the world to the bottom. They were undefeated and primed to take on TCU. From there they got blown out, and the hangover was evident as they lost to an awful Notre Dame team. Look for them to rebound against this BYU team that has fallen from the top ranks in the past few years.

Utah: 31 BYU: 10

Florida @ #22 Florida State

This year, Florida hasn’t had the season that everyone expected of them. But the truth is, every team needs a rebuilding year at some point, and that’s what it has been. For Florida State, a top 25 year has been the result. Also, they have a shot to play in the ACC Championship. This has the potential to be a close game, but I don’t think it will.

Florida State: 21 Florida: 14

#23 North Carolina State @ Maryland

The X-Factor in this game should be North Carolina State QB Russell Wilson. If he can use his mobility to his advantage and mix up the Maryland defense, I see NCST coming away with a win. And this game, I see that happening, as I look for Russell Wilson to confuse the Terrapin defense and come away with a win.

North Carolina State: 21 Maryland: 6

#24 Iowa @ Minnesota

Iowa was the dark horse for many to win the National Championship, however than plan fell through as Iowa is 7-4 this year, but they remain ranked as they have had some impressive wins. I think that they are due for a loss, but not against this Minnesota team that comes into a contest with a record of 2-9. The Golden Gophers may hang around for a while, but most fans in Minnesota are looking forward to the basketball season.

Iowa: 42 Minnesota: 13

4:00 PM

#3 TCU @ New Mexico

You could tell New Mexico was going to have a great season after they lost 72-0 against Oregon to open the season. TCU has a legitimate argument to be in the National Championship. When called out by the Ohio State president, their response was “Pick a time and a place and we’ll be there”. That is just another thing this TCU team has, other than talent, they have a winning attitude, and sometimes, that’s the most important thing.

TCU: 63 New Mexico: 3

7:00 PM

#18 South Carolina @ Clemson

This is a good battle between the SEC and the ACC, but I see South Carolina coming out on top for a number of reasons. First off, the Gamecock defense has been stellar this year, holding opponents and getting wins. Secondly, USC RB Marcus Lattimore has an outside shot at the Heisman, and really can solidify that position for a few years.

South Carolina: 24 Clemson: 14

#25 Mississippi State @ Mississippi

This battle of Mississippi features a reversal of roles from where these teams were two years ago. For this game, I don’t think that it will be terribly exciting, as it will be a defensively dominated game. Jeremiah Masoli has been coming on as of late after being a key piece of Oregon’s offense. Look for him to play a big role.

Mississippi State: 14 Mississippi: 10

7:30 PM

Oregon State @ #6 Stanford

This should be a fun game to watch, as both teams like to air it out. As many know, Stanford has NFL-ready QB Andrew Luck behind center, but Oregon State has the lesser-known Ryan Katz, who can throw a nice deep ball. It could be a shootout, but I see Stanford coming out on top regardless.

Stanford: 42 Oregon State: 17

8:00 PM

#13 Oklahoma @ #9 Oklahoma State
Similar to the match up between Mississippi State and Mississippi, this is a good rivalry game between two big 12 teams in the state of Oklahoma. With Oklahoma State, Justin Blackmon is what has most of the NFL scouts drooling in Stillwater. He is a nice complement to the #2 passing offense in the nation Because of that, I think that Oklahoma State will have no issues opening up the passing offense against Oklahoma, and they defend home field and win this year’s edition of the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State rivalry.

Oklahoma State: 38 Oklahoma: 31

So those were the predictions for week 13 of the college football season. It’s hard to believe that it is almost over, as we prepare for bowl season.

Written By: Jackson Fust

JGSN Top 25 Teams

After week 11 of the college football season, nearing the end, here is the JGSN top 25 teams:

1) Oregon (10-0) After a close win against Cal, some may think that Auburn will take away the top spot from the Ducks. I think that they will keep it, mainly due to the fact they had an awful game, played a team that is undefeated at home, and still came away with the win.

2) Auburn (11-0) Georgia hung with Auburn for quite some time, but Heisman Candidate Cam Newton changed that as they pulled away at the end. However, Auburn fans should be wary of the upcoming matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

3) Boise State (9-0) Impressive win against Idaho, and it was fun to watch. Kellen Moore is looking great and so has Boise all year long. I think that they could beat Auburn at this point in the season.

4) TCU (11-0) They were almost upset by San Diego State at home squeaking by with a final score of 40-35. The Horned Frogs were at #3, but I have them dropping down one due to how impressive Boise State looked.

5) LSU (9-1) I really didn’t think this team was for real, especially after needing a call from the refs to take down an awful Tennessee team. However, their win over Alabama really made me feel that they deserve this #5 ranking. This week they played a cupcake in the UL Monroe Warhawks, and did what they were supposed to do, winning with a final score of 51-0.

6) Wisconsin (9-1) The Badgers played Indiana this week and hung 83 points on them. 83. When I first saw it, I though it was basketball. And they did it without star RB John Clay. Pretty impressive, so I have them jumping Stanford in the polls.

7) Stanford (9-1) They were at #6 last week, and altogether I think they have had a great season. They were struggling early against Arizona State, and they finished strong to get the win. Not too impressive, but a win is a win. Another quick note about this Stanford team: their only loss is to the #1 team in the country, Oregon. And in that game, they were up 21-3 at one point.

8 ) Nebraska (9-1) This week, they beat the Jayhawks 20-3. Their offense has been on fire some times, and not so hot at others. QB Taylor Martinez and RB Roy Helu Jr. have been key parts to this Cornhusker offense, but I think they deserve to be where they are right now.

9) Ohio State (9-1) They played Penn State this weekend, and they were down 14-3 at half. However, they came back strong in the second half, outscoring the Nittany Lions 35-0. There is no doubt this team has heart, and I feel that if the NCAA had a playoff, then OSU, despite being 9-1, would qualify as a dark horse.

10) Oklahoma State (9-1) There is a whole slew of teams that are 9-1, and as I just wrote, I think a playoff would be more relevant than ever. They beat a Texas team who I though would upset them, but the Cowboys won by a score of 33-16. Nothing too special as Texas has really struggled, but Oklahoma State is a top 10 team nevertheless.

11) Alabama (8-2) They knocked off a ranked Mississippi State team in convincing fashion. I think that they have the talent to be #1, but have had a few letdowns this year. It is inevitable that this will end up being the season that “could have been”

12) Michigan State (9-1) They had a bye this week, but have had a great season to this point. They beat Wisconsin to give the Badgers their only loss, and Kurt Cousins has looked good as a QB for the Spartans this year.

13) Arkansas (8-2) They were behind both Iowa and Utah, but both of them lost, so the Razorbacks will fill the 13th spot. They did well against UTEP, winning 58-21. Their last matchup of the season is against (5) LSU, and I think its a game that they can win. It should be fun to watch.

14) Oklahoma (8-2) I was considering having Missouri jump Oklahoma for the 14 spot, but I think Oklahoma had a better win. They beat up Texas Tech with a score of 45-7, and similar to Arkansas, their last matchup of the year will be a fun one as they play Oklahoma State, but they should hope they don’t get caught looking ahead to the game this week against Baylor.

15) Missouri (8-2) The Tigers beat (24) Kansas State by a score of 38-28. They have had their ups and downs this year, as they defeated Oklahoma when they were #1. But they have lost to Nebraska, and an unranked Texas Tech. Next week, they play Iowa State.

16) Virginia Tech (8-2) The Hokies had a rough start to the season, as they lost consecutive game to Boise State and James Madison… James Madison? It seems like they left the past behind from that point on as they went on to win 8 straight, which includes a 6-0 record in the ACC. Very impressive.

17) Nevada (9-1) The Wolfpack barely escaped Fresno with a win, as they won a thriller by a score of 35-34. They would be ranked higher with a 9-1 record, however their lone loss this year came to Hawaii. Next up for the Wolfpack is New Mexico State, but their season finale should be an offensive shootout as they go up against Boise State.

18) South Carolina (7-3) They have three losses, but they are ranked where they are because they have had some great wins. They beat Georgia when they were ranked, and most notably, knocked off #1 Alabama. Spurrier finally has this team going in the right direction, but a little consistency would be nice for the Gamecocks.

19) Texas A&M (7-3) Another three-loss team, there is no doubt that the Aggies are a new team. Their best win would be against Oklahoma, and we will really find out who this team was this year as they take on Nebraska and Texas in their final two games

20) Iowa (7-3) To sum up Iowa’s season in one word: heartbreaking. Their three losses have come by a total of 12 points, and they were stunned again this week as Northwestern beat them behind two late TD passes by Wildcat QB Persa.

21) USC (7-3) The Trojans had a good 24-21 win over Arizona this week, and it showed that they can still get quality wins, despite all that has happened to them. They have had a rough year, but things will only get better as Sophomore QB Matt Barkley matures.

22) Miami (7-3) They have had a disappointing year as well, as many though the ‘Canes would break through this year and return to the elite program that many know them as. However, that plan fell through as they have lost to Ohio State, Florida State, and Virginia this year. They had a good win 35-10 over Georgia Tech this weekend, and can turn it around for a chance to make the ACC title game. But there is a very slim chance of that happening as they will have to beat VT this week, and hope VT loses again after that.

23) Utah (8-2) The Utes were 8-0 and confident as they were prepared to welcome TCU into Utah for a battle of top 5 teams. Well, prepared is a stretch. They were embarassed by a score of 47-7, and then the hangover was evident as they lost to a poor Notre Dame team 28-3. Going from #5 to losing two games in a row, ouch.

24) Arizona (7-3) Tough loss this week to USC should have them dropping out of the top 25, but with the amount of teams that were receiving votes, they stayed in. It isn’t often that a team has two excellent QBs, which is what UA has in Nick Foles and Matt Scott. It really gives them depth at such a key position. Next up they face #1 Oregon, and need to recover quickly if they want to knock off the Ducks.

25) Mississippi State (7-3) They are in the same boat as Arizona, as they should have dropped from the top 25. The team they lost to was a good Alabama team, so I figured I’d keep them in. Next week they play Arkansas, and if they want to win, their defense will need to shut down Mallett.

Written By: Jackson Fust!/JGsportsNETWORK!/pages/JG-Sports-Network/159966290709508

JGSN Fantasy Football Week 10 Podcast

Part One

Part Two

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Thursday Night Prediciton

Ravens 24 – Falcons 17

Ravens and the Falcons will be playing on Thursday Night on the NFL Network this week. First Thursday night game of the year and boy will it be a good one. The Ravens are coming to town with a big win against the Dolphins last Sunday. While the Falcons are coming off a huge NFC South win against the Bucs. This game will be close. Both teams have offensive weapons like Michael Turner, Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin and Roddy White. But this game will ultimately be decided by defense. So in that case I had to give this one to the Ravens. While the Ravens D hasn’t been lights out this year it still ranks in the top 10 of all NFL Ds. While the Falcons can stop the run there secondary has been horrible this year. Look for the Ravens passing attack to go crazy on Thursday night.

Week 11 Top 25 Predictions

Week 11 Top 25 predictions

Week 10 provided some great games, and if you haven’t got around to it, you can read the week 10 recap superlatives article. But nevertheless, here are your week 11 top 25 predictions.

Friday, November 12

9:00– #4 Boise State vs. Idaho

Boise State has been snubbed in the polls. There is no other way to put it for the Broncos. Idaho hasn’t been a good team for some time. Boise will likely get a blowout, but don’t look for them to call off the dogs, because they need some respect from the polls. Which are decided by computers? Yeah, the BCS needs to go. But the outlook isn’t good for Boise State

Prediction: Boise State: 63 Idaho: 7
Saturday, November 13
12:00 PM:

Indiana @ #7 Wisconsin

Wisconsin has an easy matchup in this week 11 battle of Big 10 members, and is starting to get on a roll. However, a little too late to be in National Championship consideration, but definitely a contender for the Big 10 Championship and a spot in the Rose Bowl

Prediction: Wisconsin: 31 Indiana: 13
#13 Iowa @ Northwestern

Iowa has had a decent season. Although some experts picked Iowa as a dark horse contender for the National Championship, but that plan sort of fell through. Northwestern has been a hit or miss team, and their QB, Persa, has been a key player for the Wildcats. I think Northwestern will come out hungry and will limit Stanzi and the Hawkeye’s passing attack, thus their offense. This game could turn some heads.

Prediction: Northwestern: 17 Iowa: 16
12:30 PM:

#24 Kansas State @ #17 Missouri

Kansas State has had their ups and downs this year, but throughout, on think has been constant: The rushing attack in the Wildcat backfield. The man who leads this attack, Daniel Thomas, is 5th in the nation in rushing yards with 1100+. He has been the main reason KSU has been so strong. But as much as I like Thomas, I like the arm of Blaine Gabbert. He has 2193 passing yards on the year and runs the spread offense seamlessly.

Prediction: Missouri: 27 Kansas State: 14
2:30 PM

#14 Utah @ Notre Dame

Utah looked miserable against TCU, but looks to rebound against a Notre Dame team that has had an awful year under new coach Brian Kelly. I really liked Dayne Crist for the Irish at QB, but he is now out for the year. The outlook isn’t bright, especially after the loss to Navy. Look for Utah to get a win after a crushing loss to the Horned Frogs of TCU.

Prediction: Utah: 34 Notre Dame: 21
3:30 PM

Georgia @ #2 Auburn

I know this may sound crazy, but I’d like to think of this as a trap game for Auburn. Coming off a no-contest game, you can bet the Tigers may be looking ahead to playing Alabama. I like Aaron Murray, the signal caller for the bulldogs. He has tons of arm strength (threw a ball about 70 yards in the air against Arkansas), but his poise has been shaky at times. He will be the X-Factor to this game. If Murray can keep it together, then I think the Bulldogs may be able to hold their own against Auburn and Heisman favorite Cam Newton. Although I see this being close, I think Auburn will pull it out.

Prediction: Auburn: 31 Georgia: 27
Penn State @ #9 Ohio State

Penn State is coming off a game that was a rollercoaster and the final result was Joe Paterno getting win #400. It’s a great achievement, but I don’t think that the momentum will carry over into this game. Tyrelle Pryor came into this season as the Heisman favorite in many people’s opinions, but has since dropped. I think he still has that potential, because he has all of the tools (great arm and good mobility), but they just aren’t coming together as many expected. Look for Pryor to break out of his funk and have a monster game against the Nittany Lions.

Prediction: Ohio State: 42 Penn State: 13
Texas Tech @ #16 Oklahoma

This will be a high scoring matchup that will be a lot of fun to watch, so if you’re team isn’t playing in this time slot, definitely put this game on the TV. Two quarterbacks in Landry Jones of Oklahoma and Taylor Potts in Texas Tech should put up some big numbers. However, I think that Oklahoma will win this one, mainly because 1) They won’t lose two games in a row to unranked opponents, and 2) Their defense is better than that of the Red Raiders.

Prediction: Oklahoma: 49 Texas Tech: 35
#20 Virginia Tech @ North Carolina

Tyrod Taylor. How he plays will decide the outcome of this game. VT has put together a nice little 7-game winning streak after having a rough start to the year. Although they play in the ACC, and any team has a chance of winning there, but in my opinion, Tyrod Taylor has been too good to let this Hokie team lose.

Prediction: Virginia Tech: 27 North Carolina: 13
4:00 PM

San Diego State @ #3 TCU

TCU showed that they are a legit contender last week as they trounced Utah, which caused them to leap frog Boise State in the polls (poor Boise). Andy Dalton showed that he can make played against good teams, and TCU in fact, has one of the highest margins of victory in a top 5 matchup. I know you may be saying, “But they were both non-AQ schools”. I know this isn’t a perfect example, but take last year’s Cincinnati Bearcats as an example. Many people treated them as a non-AQ team, and look what they did to Florida in their BCS bowl. I just believe that these non-AQ schools deserve a shot at the title, but the computers won’t give it to them. Anyways, back on subject, look for TCU to play in a manner similar to Boise, as they will try to win in the most impressive fashion possible to ‘impress’ the computers.

Prediction: TCU: 52 San Diego State: 3
7:00 PM

Louisiana Monroe @ #5 LSU

LSU deserves a cupcake after their hard fought win against Alabama. What I was shocked about however was that LSU jumped from 10 to 5. I know it was a good win, but I’m tired of the SEC bias in the BCS. This will really just be a tune up game in preparation for LSU’s next game against Mississippi. They have a good chance at making a BCS bowl, and a very slim outside shot at the National Championship. But what has gotten the Tigers here is their defense. The Warhawks shouldn’t give much trouble to LSU.

Prediction: LSU: 42 Louisiana Monroe: 3
Kansas @ #8 Nebraska

Nebraska has been somewhat shaky at the quarterback position as of late, and its good to see that sophomore QB Taylor Martinez will start for the Huskers. He showed Heisman potential as he led his team in passing yards, rushing yards, passing TDs, and rushing TDs earlier in the season before he was plagued by injuries. Kansas isn’t too much of a threat, if you recall they lost to a D-II team (FCS for those who like to get technical) earlier this year. Look for Taylor Martinez and Roy Helu Jr., the Huskers talented RB, to run wild over the Jayhawks defense. The only question mark in this game will be the health of Martinez, and aside from that, it’s full speed ahead for Nebraska.

Prediction: Nebraska: 52 Kansas: 17
UTEP @ #15 Arkansas

This one should really be a walkover for the Razorbacks. Late in the season this game shouldn’t have much leverage as they are out of the National Title talk, although they were never really in the thick of it. The only point this game serves is to show off the arm of NFL QB prospect Ryan Mallett.

Prediction: Arkansas: 45 UTEP: 6
#25 Texas A&M @ Baylor

Last week I picked Baylor to upset Oklahoma State. Whoops. The biggest upset in fact involved this Aggie team over the Oklahoma Sooners. Although my Baylor upset pick was a swing and a miss last week, I think I’m going to go for it again. I just really think that their dual threat QB Robert Griffin can single-handedly change a game, and that may just be what happens in this game. Look for Griffin to hands down be the X-Factor.

Prediction: Baylor: 28 Texas A&M: 21
7:15 PM

#19 Mississippi State @ #12 Alabama

This is another ranked SEC match up that we see so often due to the amount of SEC teams in the polls. I personally think that the Bulldogs are overrated, as they climbed into the polls after an “upset” win over the also overrated Florida Gators. Mississippi State’s only two losses have come to good teams in Auburn and LSU, which shows that like many other programs that are on the cusp, they aren’t yet ready to be a big time program. I think Alabama will walk away with this one in convincing fashion.

Prediction: Alabama: 35 Mississippi State: 13
#23 South Carolina @ #22 Florida

This game will mainly be a match up of the South Carolina defense that has been solid all year, and a hit or miss Florida offense that has a lot of fans wondering what the season may have been if the Gators introduced some much needed consistency. In this matchup, I like South Carolina to come out on top. I think the Gamecocks defensive line will harass Florida QB John Brantley and cause him to make mistakes. His inexperience will cost the Gators in this one.

Prediction: South Carolina: 21 Florida: 17
7:30 PM

#1 Oregon @ California

You really can’t say enough about this high-powered offense of Oregon. They have killed everyone they have played, and their closest game came against Arizona State, in an 11-point win. The Ducks have played only two opponents in the top 25, but they have won those games by a combined 42 points. Wow. This California Golden Bear team has really been hit and miss. One week they blow out UCLA, and the next get blown out by USC, then blow out Arizona State, and then get blown out by Oregon State. There is no question that the talent is there; it just needs to come together. Playing against Oregon is neither the place nor time to count on that happening.

Prediction: Oregon: 49 California: 17
#6 Stanford @ Arizona State

Like LSU, I was kind of surprised when I saw that Stanford was all the way up at #6. But why not? They are 8-1, with their only loss to the number one team in the country. This game will be all about Andrew Luck. I think he is going to pick apart this Sun Devils defense and open up the Cardinal running game. ASU might hang with the Cardinal for a while, but not for too long.

Prediction: Stanford: 38 Arizona State: 13
8:00 PM

#20 Oklahoma State @ Texas

Oklahoma State has one of the better passing attacks in the nation, and WR Justin Blackmon leads it. He leads the NCAA in many major receiving categories, and has been a key piece to the offense. For Texas, Garrett Gilbert has had a bad year and Texas has along with him. However, I think this is the break out game for Gilbert, and the turning point for this Longhorn team. Their offense is going to need to put up or shut up.

Prediction: Texas: 38 Oklahoma State: 31
USC @ #18 Arizona

USC had shown flashes of greatness this year, but I think a lack of motivation may be to blame to the NCAA sanctions not allowing the Trojans to go bowling this year. Meanwhile, the Arizona wildcats led by QB Nick Foles have shown signs of life offensively, and they have a very balanced attack. What I am looking for in this game is whether or nor the USC defense can make the plays that they need to. We know that USC QB Matt Barkley can make all the throws he needs to in this offense; the defense is the question mark. I think they will get some pressure up front and rattle Foles, which will be key to slowing down this Wildcat offense.

Prediction: USC: 28 Arizona: 24
10:30 PM

#21 Nevada @ Fresno State

The pistol offense has been a staple of Nevada for some time now, and it has worked to perfection for the Wolfpack as Nevada ranks 2nd in the nation in rushing yards. Look for the Nevada offense to find some holes and run all over the Fresno State bulldogs.

Prediction: Nevada: 42 Fresno State: 27

So those were your week 11 top 25 college football picks. To recap, my upset picks were USC over (18) Arizona, Texas over (20) Oklahoma State, Northwestern over (13) Iowa, and Baylor over (25) Texas A&M. Come back next week for more predictions.

Written By: Jackson Fust

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First Look: Dolphins-Ravens

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens picked apart the Miami secondary on Sunday to jump a top the AFC North by beating the Dolphins 26-10. Flacco completed 20 of his 27 passes to throw for 266 yards and 2 touchdowns in the victory over the Dolphins. Baltimore kicker Billy Cundiff kicked 4 field goals from distances of 26, 39, 20, 24 and two extra points to rack up 14 total points. The Baltimore defense shut out Miami in the second half to hold Miami to 10 points on the day. Ravens running back, Ray Rice, game up big on the ground and through the air with 83 rushing yards and 97 receiving yards.

After a promising first half the 4-4 Dolphins sputtered out of the gate in the second half with only 183 of total offense. With this loss the Dolphins break their 4 game winning streak away from Sun Life Stadium.

Wacko Flacco and the Ravens manage to stay perfect of the bye since 2001 by squishing the fish this Sunday 26-10.