JGSN Analysis: 4th Quarter

Auburn’s 3rd drive (continued): Auburn gets a 3rd down conversion with a hurry up and then with Dyer right up the middle. Auburn should consider doing that again because it really threw off the Oregon defense. Newton threw the ball away, and then was forced to call a timeout due to a low play clock. Next play Newton scrambles for 6 to bring up 3rd and 4. The pass is dropped on 3rd down and a punt is upcoming for the Tigers.

Oregon’s 3rd Drive: A deep pass to the tight end was the main event in this drive, but a couple of screen passes and a miscommunication between quarterback and receiver led to a punt around midfield. Auburn ball at the 22 yard line.

Auburn’s 4th drive: They tried the sweep to McCalebb that worked so well on their first play of the game but it was stuffed. On the next play, the Ducks did a stellar job in coverage batting the pass down, bringing up 3rd and 12. On the 3rd down, Newton steps up in the pocket and scrambles for the first. Newton somewhat slow to get up. Two more running plays, one by Newton, one by Dyer, result in 3rd and 5. On this pivotal play, Newton finds Fannin wide open in the middle of the field for the 1st down, and into Oregon territory. Oregon stuffs the following run and an incomplete pass brings up 3rd and 12. Newton goes deep, but it is caught out of bounds by Zachery. This will bring up a punt for Auburn. Oregon ball at the 13.

Oregon’s 4th drive: Two plays for no yards bring up a 3rd down, and Oregon comes up with another clutch first down. Their drive stalls as another read option is stuffed, which brings up a punt.

Auburn’s 5th Drive: Trying to burn down the clock with runs and short passes. Newton rolls to the right on a play and Casey Matthews comes up from behind and pops the ball out, recovered by Oregon.

Oregon’s 5th Drive: First play is a quick strick to Maehl for the first down, and after an incompletion and rollout by Thomas, it is 3rd and 5 for the ducks. On that 3rd down, Thomas misses a wide open receiver, but the Ducks will go for it. Auburn brought the blitz but Thomas quickly threw it to James who made a nice catch and ran it down to the 10. On a 2nd and 1 at the 2 yard line, James gets stuffed, but Oregon burns a timeout, leaving them with one. A shovel pass on 3rd down gets the job done as LaMichael James scores to put Oregon down by 2. Another beautifully executed over the body pass from one side of the field to the other by Thomas ties the game at 19.

OREGON- 19          AUBURN- 19

Auburn’s 6th Drive: Auburn starts it out with a screen to pick up about 15 yards and what appeared to be a 5 yard carry turned into about a 40 yard gain for Dyer, as it appeared he was down, but replay showed that he was not. It appeared that Auburn was going to run some clock for the FG attempt, but Dyer ripped off another big run for a TD, with :10 left. Afther further review however, the ball will be placed at the half yard line. Newton comes out and takes a knee, and Byrum nails the FG as time expires.


AUBURN- 22        OREGON- 19

Written by Jackson Fust


JGSN Analysis: 3rd Quarter

*Drives are done by half

Auburn’s 1st Drive: A couple short plays to start off brings up 3rd and short, and Newton is wincing when he comes up. Not a good sign for Aubrun. He doesn’t look too bad as he goes up the middle for the 1st down. The Tigers then begin to open up as Newton throws a beautiful pass to Phillip Lutzenkirchen. After that though it seems like something has gone through Oregon’s defense as they are swarming to the ball. 3rd and 5. An overthrow by Newton leads to a FG for the Tigers.

AUBURN- 19       OREGON- 11

Oregon’s 1st drive: Oregon learns from their KO reverse mistakes and fakes the reverse. On a James run up the middle, Fairley commits a personal foul, which has been an issue for him all year, and Oregon is now into Auburn territory. Fairley bounces back with a sack, and after a hold, the Ducks are at 3rd and 13, where they are stopped and forced to punt. Touchback

Auburn’s 2nd drive: They start it off by giving it to Dyer, then on the QB read, Newton makes the wrong read and loses about 4 yards. 3rd and 7. Newton misses a TD throw, which has to raise some concerns about his professional stock. Ball is punted out of bounds at the 27.

Oregon’s 2nd drive: LaMichael James makes a nice run to the outside, showing off some of his great speed, then the Ducks go right back to him on the next play. Later in the drive, Thomas goes deep for a completion down to the 5. They are stuffed from there however, and Auburn will get the ball at their own 1.

Auburn’s 3rd drive: To start off the drive, they are somewhat conservative, but Newton makes some plays and they get out to around the 30 yard line.


AUBURN- 19     OREGON- 11

Written by: Jackson Fust

JGSN Analysis: 2nd Quarter

Oregon’s 4th drive (continued): They begin inside the 5 yard line with a 3rd and 2, when Fairley busts through the line to nail Thomas. 4th and 8 Rob Beard makes the FG for Oregon.

OREGON -3       AUBURN -0

Auburn’s 4th drive: They start off with the run to Dyer, then they go to the pass for a first down. Looks like they are taking a page from Oregon’s playbook as they are beginning to use the quick pass, and it has worked as they push into Oregon territory. Newton takes a deep shot to the endzone and Cliff Harris, and it will be reviewed, personally, I think it appeared like an interception. If so, Newton needs to pick up his performance. Review complete, as he lost possession when he hit the ground. Auburn comes right back and Newton throws to a wide open Kodi Burns for the TD.


Oregon’s 5th Drive: On the KO ret, they attempted a reverse, and they were very lucky they didnt turn the ball over, as they are now inside their own 10. But on the 1st play it is obvious Thomas is past what he did earlier as he throws a beautiful ball to Jeff Maehl as Oregon is now on Auburn’s 11. And on last drive when Thomas was sacked on 3rd down where he missed a read to James, Thomas makes sure he makes the right read as they give to to James up the middle. After an incompletion, it is 3rd and 6. Oregon draws up a beautiful play where Thomas rolls right and throws a screen left to James. The two blockers picked up the two defenders. Beautiful play for the touchdown. Then Chip Kelly shows why he is the coach of the year as he throws a curveball running the option on the XP, with kicker Rob Beard receiving the pitch and scoring.

OREGON- 11       AUBURN-7

Auburn’s 5th drive: Two short plays result in 3rd and 3, but Newton shows why he won the Heisman as he delivers an accurate pass to Adams. Auburn is sticking to the short pass and run game and they are almost in the red zone. Newton with a nice hurdle on 3rd down. 3rd and 8 after a couple of unsuccessful runs, and Fannin drops a screen but a flag is down for offsides on Oregon. Those are the kind of plays that drive coaches crazy. The Tigers go to Newton up the middle and convert for 1st and goal. After a quick pass and a stuffed run, it is 3rd and goal on the 3 yard line for the Tigers. Newton gets stuffed, and Auburn is going for it. HUGE momentum swing as Newton throws incomplete into the endzone. Low throw, but the catch should have been made.

Oregon’s 6th drive: Although they have plenty of momentum, they will start this drive on their own 3, which wasn’t much of a problem last drive. 1st play is a shovel pass, but a flag is down for illegal motion on the offense, further backing up the Ducks. Auburn gets a huge push up front and gets a safety, and upon review, it is clearly a safety, big play for Auburn.

OREGON- 11      AUBURN- 9

Auburn’s 6th drive: Auburn is looking good with the quick passes and runs. The safety has really given them momentum. Those short passes and runs opened up holes deep as Newton delivers a pass to a wide open Blake for the TD.

AUBURN- 16      OREGON- 11

Oregon’s 7th Drive: Under 2 minutes left to start this drive, but with the pace that Oregon has moved with so far, it doesn’t seem like the clock will be an issue. Two quick screens put Oregon into Auburn territory with 1:26 left. Auburn really steps up defensively and it is now 4th and 10 for Oregon. Oregon is going for it, but Auburn calls TO, and Oregon does the smart move to punt, as the ball is downed at the 2 yard line. Auburn with no timeouts and Oregon with 3. I am somewhat surprised to see Auburn in the shotgun, but it is less surprising to see a run. Oregon calls a TO, which shows that they are going to be aggressive. An offsides ruins Oregon’s chances of getting the ball back, which has to frustrate Kelly. Auburn seems motivated however, as they are quickly past midfield and spike the bakk with :11 on the clock. Auburn goes deep to end the half, but not a repeat of the SEC Championship.

AUBURN- 16      OREGON- 11


Written by: Jackson Fust

JGSN Analysis: 1st Quarter

Oregon’s 1st drive: They had something going, but Darron Thomas’s decision to pitch the ball on the second down really hurt them. They looked a little scared, as their playcalling was very conservative, which led to a punt.

Auburn’s 1st drive: Great looking first play by the speedy McCalebb, but from there, the drive stalled, as some of the plays looked slow to develop. Also Newton doesn’t look like he is used to having less than 5 seconds in the pocket.

Oregon’s 2nd drive: It looked like Auburn has adjusted to the option as it hasn’t gone anywhere yet. Oregon countered the defensive pressure with a slip screen to James, and when James gets in open space, he can make some things happen. It also looks like Darron Thomas is trying to do too much when he gets the ball. Next play he throws a high pass that gets intercepted by Auburn. Ducks are definitely going to need some adjustments.

Auburn’s 2nd drive: Relatively short drive, as Newton makes a terrible throw for an INT. No excuses in a game like this. Big momentum swing.

Oregon’s 3rd Drive: Some more conservative playcalling, but LaMichael James looks good, especially on his run to convert on 3rd and 5 when it looked like nothing was there. Beginning to use some shorter throws, and it has worked as they have pushed into the redzone. Looks like Auburn is having trouble keeping up with the speed of Oregon. However, Auburn puts great pressure on Thomas, as he throws the ball before Huff can turn around and catch it, which results in a red zone INT.

Auburn’s 3rd drive: Newton looked good on a rollout where he had plenty of time. But he is sacked for a second drive to force a punt. Needs to adjust to the amount of time that the Ducks are giving him in the pocket.

Oregon’s 4th Drive: Oregon is really working the hurry-up to quick passing game, and doing a great job of it as they have pushed into Auburn territory. It has worked perfectly to open up holes for the running game. Barner gets two good carries and the Ducks are in the red zone. You have to wonder how Auburn will hold up as it is still the 1st quarter and guys are running off the field gassed. First and 10 on the 11, and Auburn gets some good penetration and gets Barner on the end around for a loss of 4. Another quick pass to the flats gets Oregon inside the 5 as the 1st quarter ends.

JGSN Live Analysis: Pregame

The big game is about to start, and here are a few of my thought before we get started:

1) This game will definitely include two of the best offenses, but it will come down to defense.

2) Oregon has a lot riding on their shoulders: They represent the Pac-10, but also the entire west coast. A lot of publicity is centered there, and this is their time to shine.

3) LaMichael James: Auburn has Nick Fairley on their D-Line, but they haven’t yet faced a back as dynamic as James. He leads the nation in many categories, and he should be fun to watch.

4) Finally, Cam Newton: This is his time to shine for Auburn, but it is also his time to show off that his arm is NFL ready, I have a feeling that he may try to force some throws. I also feel that he won’t be able to break off tons of tackles as he has done in the past


Written by: Jackson Fust

2010 Bowl Season: Alamo Bowl

As the bowl season approaches, be prepared to win your office pool, or just have successful picks in general. With each game, a confidence number is included, which shows how confident I am in my pick. It works like most pools do, with 35 being the game I am most confident in, and 1 being the game I am least confident in.


Oklahoma State (10-2) over Arizona (7-5)

Confidence: 32

After talking about Oklahoma, lets talk about their friends over in Stillwater, the Oklahoma State Cowboys. They come in as the obvious favorite as they have won 3 more games than the Arizona Wildcats. The key to this game will be which team can pass the ball more efficiently. I think that Oklahoma State has the advantage at quarterback with Brandon Weeden, who has thrown for 4000+ yards on the year and 32 TDs. But don’t be quick to overlook Nick Foles, QB for Arizona. He has posted a QB rating of around 145, and has been battling injuries all year. These weeks of rest should be good for Foles. Back to Weeden, two numbers stand out: 2 and 3. The Oklahoma State Cowboys are 2nd in the nation in passing offense, and 3rd in the nation in points scored. More often than not, the man under center is responsible for these numbers, good or bad, and in this case, it’s all good for Weeden. Another good match up in this game to look for is the matchup of the receivers. For Oklahoma State, they have Justin Blackmon, who has become a can’t miss NFL prospect who is high on the draft boards of many teams. For Arizona, Juron Criner has been huge in the passing game, and his presence alone helps the offense. In this game, I see Weeden and Blackmon each having big games, and I think that Foles will be a little rusty after dealing with what he has dealt with all year. Look for the Oklahoma State Cowboys to come out on top.


Written by: Jackson Fust

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2010 Bowl Season: Fiesta Bowl

As the bowl season approaches, be prepared to win your office pool, or just have successful picks in general. With each game, a confidence number is included, which shows how confident I am in my pick. It works like most pools do, with 35 being the game I am most confident in, and 1 being the game I am least confident in.


Oklahoma (11-2) over Connecticut (8-4)

Confidence: 33

The team that benefited from the Big 12 title game as discussed above was this Oklahoma Sooner team. They have put together a great season after the key departure of QB Sam Bradford, who has performed well in his first season of NFL action. After such a loss many felt that they would have a disappointing season, but QB Landry Jones has done a great job of filling in for Bradford, leading Oklahoma to having the 4th best passing attack in the country. On the flip side, Connecticut has had an eventful season as the race for the Big East title came right down to the last day and included a 3-way tie at the top. For the Huskies, the name of the game has been running. They have run over opponents, and that has been key in their 8 wins. Their passing game has been mediocre as they are 112th in passing offense, which is a polar opposite from Oklahoma. I think that Oklahoma will open up the field and Landry Jones will pick apart the Huskies secondary, and lead the Sooners to a win.


Written by: Jackson Fust

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